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8081 Name

Branding and Name

The name '8081' was inspired by the IMSAI 8080, which was the first microcomputer (


"We were focusing on finding a name that can describe what we are doing. We are building a modern smart microcomputer that focuses on Blockchain and Digital Assets. As we develop a smart and simple trading platform with the use and support of advance AI/ML that operates 24/7, we aimed to continue the legacy of intelligent computer systems.  It dawned on us that we are continuing the legacy of where it all started, and the name 8081 came up.

What also inspired the founders to choose the name 8081 was the connection to the movie "War Games," released on June 3, 1983. In the film, the computer used was called Imashi_8080 and was used to communicate with Joshua. Joshua is a computer gifted with artificial intelligence created and developed by Stephen Falken, named after Stephen's own son who tragically passed away at an early age in a car crash, along with Mrs. Falken. 

If you are too young and don't know the movie, you should definitely see it. (here is a link)

We also asked ChatGPT AI what it think about the name? is a brand name that suggests a tech-related or digital identity.

  1. Numeric Element: The inclusion of "8081" in the brand name gives it a distinct, tech-savvy feel. Numeric elements are often used to convey a sense of innovation and technological advancement.

  2. Domain Extension: ".io" is a domain extension commonly associated with tech startups and online businesses. It's often used for websites related to technology, software, and digital services.

  3. Memorability: The numeric component, "8081," is relatively easy to remember and distinctive. It can make the brand stand out in the digital landscape.

  4. Tech-Focused: The combination of numbers and ".io" suggests a tech-focused or digital nature, which can be appealing to audiences interested in technology, software, or online services.

  5. Uniqueness: "" is likely to be a unique and distinguishable brand name, making it easier to secure as a domain name and protect as a trademark.


Overall, "" appears to be a brand name with a strong tech-oriented identity. It's important to consider how well it aligns with your company's mission, values, and target audience to ensure it's the right fit for your brand.

Imasi 8080.jpeg
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